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Baby sleeping bag aurora

Product code: SLE-SB-0-AUR-1, EAN: 5903714406739

Product description

Very beautiful Aurora sleeping bag, perfect from the first days of the baby's birth. It is an indispensable element of a children's layette.  Our sleeping bag is irreplaceable in a cot, cradle, playpen and carrycot. Hand sewn with certified cotton, skin-friendly for children. We have combined delicate gray stars on a white background, with subtle geometric patterns on a pink background. Perfect for every little princess.
The sleeping bag is fastened along its entire length with a convenient zipper. Thanks to it, it will be easy to change your baby at night without waking him up. The long zipper also makes it easier to put on the sleeping bag, even on the largest drill. This is a perfect solution that many parents have already loved.
Our Aurora baby sleeping bag is a great alternative to a traditional blanket. It wraps the baby, providing him with high sleeping comfort and safety. It is filled with anti-allergic non-woven fabric, which makes the sleeping bag soft and cozy, and at the same time ensures adequate air flow. Thanks to them, the baby will not overheat during sleep. It is worth to remember about it when completing a layette for your newborn baby.

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    0.2 kg
  • Length
    75 cm
  • Width
    32 cm
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