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Swaddle Blanket Habarigani

Product code: SWA-SB-0-HAB-1, EAN: 5904024523895

Product description

The beautiful LUX baby swaddle wrap will provide your baby with comfort and safety. It is irreplaceable both in the hospital and at home. It helps new parents and less experienced household members to hold and cuddle the newborn in their arms. It is also very helpful  during breastfeeding or bottle feeding.
Bellochi swaddle wrap is made of two types of materials, friendly to the delicate baby's skin. We have combined beige velvet with premium 100% cotton with delicate beige ornaments on a white background. This is a universal, neutral & very stylish pattern. Suitable for both a baby girl and a baby boy.

The sash allows you to adjust the degree of wrapping. Tied with a bow, it has an additional decorative function.
The LUX baby swaddle blanket is an indispensable element of a newborn's layette.

...because newborns deserve special products...

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    75 cm
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