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Cotton Toddler bedding 2 pc set with filling kid duvet 135×100 cm and pillow 60×40 cm 4rest

Product code: BED-BBS-135X100-4RE-KO, EAN: 5904024524373

Product description

Bedtime is anything but boring with colorful, double sided kid’s bedding from Bellochi!

Beautiful and gently soft cotton toddler bedding set: duvet 135x100 cm and pillowcase 60x40cm filled with antiallergic non-woven fabric.

It means that our kid bedding set is ‘ready to use’. The padding is sewn in so despite frequent washing and usage, the bedding retains its shape and the filling does not move or split into layers. It is a great comfort in use, appreciated by parents!

The possibility of machine-wash it at all, guarantee 100% clean, which is especially important for allergy sufferers.

Bellochi children’s bedding set is made of 100% certified, best quality cotton with charming patterns. This soft toddler bedding set is ideal for any children’s room. Just create beautiful stage for sweet dreams. Your child sleeps well all night since the cotton absorbs and transports moisture away, which helps the body maintain a comfortable and even temperature - perfect for a good night's sleep.

We know that children's skin is extra sensitive, but no worries Bellochi products are made of tested and certified fabrics - contains no substances, phthalates or chemicals that can harm your child's skin or health.

This bedding set is also perfect for nursery / kindergarten for toddlers during naps.

As it is known, naptime is essential for younger kids (2 to 5 years) sleep 10-12 hours at night in addition to approximately a one-hour nap in the afternoon. It is the best way to provide downtime for their bodies to rejuvenate.

Our easy-care cotton children’s bedding is soft, durable and on-trend. Whatever color or pattern they like best, your little one is sure to get solid rest!

Recommended for ages from 2 years up to 5 years.

We know how important ecology is.

We attach particular importance to environmental protection. That is why the bedding packaging was created - in accordance with the zero waste principle - from the ends of materials. The bedding is packed in a practical bag, which can be used for example to store slippers or children's treasures.

  • Weight
    0 kg
  • Length
    135 cm
  • Width
    100 cm


Pillowcase length: 60 cm

Pillowcase width: 40 cm

Quilt cover length: 135 cm

Quilt cover width: 100 cm

Composition: 100% cotton

Filled with smooth, light weighted and fluffy premium polyester fiber.

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