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Baby sleeping bag Cuddly Muslin Beige

Product code: SLE-SBM-0-CMB-1, EAN: 5904024522607

Product description

A super soft and extremely light and delicate all-year sleeping bag from the Cuddly Muslin collection for newborn baby.

Made of unique, high-quality cotton muslin. It is a natural raw material that is suitable for the newborn baby’s skin. Before starting the sewing process, the muslin fibers are specially combed so that the fabric becomes even more delicate, light and skin-friendly. It is a highly hygroscopic and breathable material - and this is by far the most important feature that products for newborns and infants must have.
Delicate, safe muslin is made for sensitive newborn's skin.
It has hypoallergenic properties.

Thanks to the possibility of length adjustment with special latches, the sleeping bag will serve the child from the first days, even up to the 12th month of life. The sleeping bag is about 75 cm long and after fastening the clasps it will decrease to about 60 cm, which will provide even better and comfortable wrap for your baby during sleep.

The sleeping bag is fastened along its entire length with a convenient zipper. Thanks to it, it will be easy to change your baby at night without waking him up. The long zipper also makes it easier to put on the sleeping bag, even on the largest drill. This is an excellent solution that many parents have already loved.

Our baby sleeping bag is a great alternative to a traditional quilt or blanket. It wraps the baby, providing him with high comfort of sleep and safety. The inside is filled with anti-allergic non-woven fabric, which makes the sleeping bag soft and cozy, and at the same time ensures adequate air flow. Thanks to them, the baby will not overheat during sleep. The sleeping bag for babies is indispensable in a crib, cradle, playpen and carrycot.

  • Weight
    0.15 kg
  • Length
    75 cm
  • Width
    32 cm
  • EAN
  • Collection
    cuddly muslin beige
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