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Pacifier holder cotton beige

Product code: ACC-PH-0-BEI-1, EAN: 5904024524762

Product description
Soft and light, cotton, braided pacifier holder. Made of 100% certified cotton. It is anti-allergic and non-toxic product. Beautiful, hand-knitted pacifier holders are made of 100% cotton. The original design and innovative production method as well as a clip that is difficult for a child to open are the absolute advantages of this product. Handcrafted in Poland in accordance with the European standard EN 12586: 2007 (+ A1: 2011). Pendant length: approx. 22 cm. The pendants fit perfectly with any type of soother, pacifier, toy or teether. The pacifier holer is only used to protect the teether/pacifier from falling to the floor/ground • The pendant must not be used as a teether • Do not use while the child is asleep • The item must be used under the supervision of an adult Caution: The pendant is not a toy! It must always be attached to the child’s clothing. Must be used under adult supervision.

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Pendant length: approx. 22 cm
Composition: 100% cotton

Detachable clip – the clip is an integral part of the pacifier clip
The colors in the photos may slightly differ from the actual colors of the hangers.

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