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Nursing Pillow girl dream

Product code: NUR-NP-0-GIR-1, EAN: 5907771368351

Product description
The Bellochi nursing pillow is a necessity when feeding your baby either by breast or bottle. Thanks to its ergonomic shape you can place your baby higher and support your arms against the pillow - your body will definitely appreciate that. The croissant or bean-like shape stabilizes the baby's position, keeping him still when you are feeding, firmly embracing your waist. From the first moments of feeding, it gives your baby a sense of closeness, softness and security. In fact, you can use it already during pregnancy if you have back pain - it will ensure comfort and support when sitting and lying down. In the later stages of development the pillow can serve as a cozy nest to help your little one keep the right position while learning to lift, roll, sit and stand. Moreover, it’s a nice decoration and a cuddly toy, but most importantly - it will make daddy's bottle feeding much easier! The nursing pillow is strongly recommended by midwives and pediatricians. It’s an indispensable element of your newborn’s journey – especially when you are learning how to get the baby latched on to the breast or properly support him. The pillow is 100% handmade using high quality fabrics, it is soft and pleasant to touch.

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    0.75 kg
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    60 cm
  • Width
    40 cm
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    girl dream
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    girl dream
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    girl dream
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