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bamboo blanket lime – green, 100×80 cm, 100% bamboo yarn

Product code: BAM-BB-3-LIM-1, EAN: 5907771368504

Product description

The cozy and soft bamboo blanket is an irreplaceable swaddle for your baby.

It is 100% bamboo, which actually is the purest fabric in the world.

It has numerous exceptional properties such as anti-allergic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal. It is also deodorizing – meaning it absorbs and neutralizes odors, giving a general feeling of freshness and comfort.

We sew our Bellochi bamboo blankets 100% by hand. Thanks to this, you can rest assure that they are made with attention to every detail and greatest care, offering a product of highest class and quality.

Moreover, the blankets are soft, warm, yet light, breathable and completely safe for babies.

The color lime is a bright and vivid shade of green, resembling the color of the outer skin of a lime fruit. It is often characterized as a medium to light green with a vibrant and citrusy appearance. Lime is commonly associated with freshness, energy, and a sense of zest. It falls within the green spectrum but tends to be on the lighter and more yellowish side of the green color range. Lime is a lively and eye-catching color that is often used to add a pop of brightness or highlight in various contexts, from fashion and design to decor and branding.

  • Weight
    0.42 kg
  • Length
    100 cm
  • Width
    80 cm
  • Stan
  • Bohater
  • Kod producenta
  • Marka
  • Płeć
    Chłopcy, Dziewczynki
  • Kolor dominujący
    odcienie zieleni
  • Materiał wykonania
  • Szerokość produktu
  • Długość
  • Waga produktu z opakowaniem jednostkowym
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