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Baby swaddle wrap 2 pc set MiMi cuddle a koala 0-3m

Product code: MUS-2SW-1-COA-1, EAN: 5904024521334

Product description

Extremely soft and delicate, 100% cotton, baby swaddle wrap which creates a cozy and safe space for newborns. Adjustable baby wrap swaddle blanket for girls and boys create a womb-like feeling for infants.

According to pediatricians recommendation – it wraps but does not stiffen.

Due to its special shape, the swaddle blanket provides the baby with comfort and relaxing feeling of ‘being inside’.

This wrap does not restrict the baby’s movements – the little hands are close to the body, but hips and legs remain free.

It is baby essential product and can be used from the neonatal stage.

Every newborn baby reacts to any unexpected changes such as loud noise or a bright light, characterized by sudden extension of the arms and legs away from the body. This is a natural reaction, known as the Moro reflex, in which baby wakes up when cannot feel her body boundaries.

The Bellochi swaddle wrap will provide him with those boundaries and give cozy and safe space like in the womb.

It ensure a good sleep and protection against hypothermia.

This it the best choice for your child!

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    0.22 kg
  • Length
    45 cm
  • Width
    60 cm
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