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Baby sleeping bagHabarigani

Product code: BAB-SCB-3-HAB-1, EAN: 5904024523598

Product description

A convenient alternative to traditional blankets, bedding and covers.
Bellochi sleeping bag allows to keep natural temperature regulation and movement freedom. Thanks to the air-circulation, doesn’t cause overheating etc.
Even when the toddler move around the cot, still is covered. It guarantees a comfortable sleep.
Poppers at the shoulder and a zipper down the side allow for easily getting baby in & out of the sleeping bag. Also is allows to disguise child without disturbing while sleeping.

Thanks to the possibility of adjusting the length with special latches makes the sleeping bag suitable for a child up to 12 months of age. It can be extended from 60 cm to as much as 75 cm.

AGE: 0/6 - 6/12 months

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  • Length
    90 cm
  • Width
    90 cm
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