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Baby nest polaris

Product code: BAB-BN-0-POL-1, EAN: 5907771368917

Product description

A beautiful, two-sided Polaris baby nest will make it easier for every Mom to take care of her little Baby from the very first days of it’s life.

This nest has a neutral, unisex and very elegant pattern of tiny stars. One side has grey stars on the white background and the other one – their “mirror reflection” – white stars on the grey background.

It’s a pattern that will surely be loved by all of you who are fans of elegant and minimalistic style.

Our nest will serve your baby for a long time, thanks to the possibility of strings’ length adjustment. After you untie them, the baby nest gets bigger, which allows us to get more space when the baby grows. If we pull the strings tightly and tie them up, the baby nest will get smaller.

The special stoppers will prevent strings from loosening. Once you tie up a baby nest, you can put a decorative wrapper on it which has an additional protective function against an event of tangling up in the strings.

This original, creative pattern and colours combination make our Polaris baby nest an awesome product that will look beautiful in both girl’s and boy’s room.

It’s not only AN ABSOLUTE MUST-HAVE, one of the most necessary elements of the layette for a baby but also a brilliant idea for a gift that can be given to a future mom.

  • Weight
    0.9 kg
  • Length
    90 cm
  • Width
    60 cm
  • Stan
  • Bohater
  • Płeć
    Chłopcy, Dziewczynki
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