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Baby nest cocoon XXL 120×65 cm Jambo

Product code: BAB-BN-2-JAM-GIANT, EAN: 5904024524144

Product description
Extra large, two-sided Bellochi baby nest XXL cocoon will provide your baby with comfort, safe space and a pleasant wrap from the neonatal stage for a very long time. Our Bellochi Baby Nest XXL cocoon is one of the largest available on the market so we dedicate this baby pod, baby cocoon up to 18 months. The inner length of the sleeping space is up to 90 cm and when you open the cocoon you can have even more space up to 120 cm and more.

Bellochi baby cocoon allows you to safely limit the space of the baby and wrap it around. Thanks to this, the baby feels as good as in mother's womb. The baby nest can be used in many ways. This is the best place to sleep, rest, cuddle and play and any other everyday activities. This baby pod will work in many places and situations, both at home and while traveling. Bellochi baby pod is very practical and multifunctional.

Made of high quality, certified materials that are safe for baby's sensitive skin.
  • External dimensions: 120 x 65 cm
  • Sleeping surface dimensions: 90 x 40 cm
  • side thickness 15 cm
  • materials: 50% cotton and 50% velvet
A baby nest cannot be used as a baby carrier, so for safety reasons- it is not allowed to carry a baby in it. It should only be used under the supervision of an adult. Never leave you baby unattended. The cocoon does not protect against falling and is not recommended for an overnight rest.

Bellochi baby nest is a multifunctional product. You can use it in many ways, such listed below:
  • On a daily basis, it can be a safe space for sleep, mini-playpen or a play mat for your little one
  • During any trip baby nest will work as a protection against rolling, when your baby will fall asleep on a couch or adult’s bed. While in baby cot, it will protect your baby from hitting the hard rungs.
  • In a stroller it will work as an extra mattress, which will enfold a newborn and absorb shocks during the walks.
  • It will be also helpful when learning to lie on the tummy and raise the head.
In very first weeks of your baby's life, we recommend to squeeze the baby cocoon so that it wraps baby around. Then, in the next weeks, baby nest can be individually adopted to baby's needs. So in easy way you can manage and control baby pod shape and what is very good our baby cocoon grows with its owner.  In the following weeks and months Bellochi nest become an ideal space for older babies as a place for cuddling, playing, lying or exercising on the tummy etc when child try to lift the head. Also you can use it everywhere as  a changing table.

  • Weight
    1 kg
  • Length
    90 cm
  • Width
    60 cm
  • Skład
    50% bawełna, 50% poliester
  • Waga z opakowaniem (kg)
  • Wypełnienie
    100% poliester
  • Kolor
    biały, niebieski
  • Collection

Double- sided baby nest:
External dimensions: 120 x 65 cm
Sleeping surface dimensions: 90 x 40 cm,
Side thickness: 15 cm
Composition: 50% cotton and 50% velvet
Filled with smooth, light weighted and fluffly premium polyester fiber.

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