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Winter baby sleeping bag far a stroller, gondola or sledge winter x-khaki

Product code: WIN-FB-0-KHA-1, EAN: 5904024521501

Product description
All-time classic, highly practical, comfortable and really warm sleeping bag for babies. It is made with soft, certified and waterproof polyester fabric, thanks to which it is both rain or snow resistant. The inside is made of high quality soft furlike fabric, called a fluffy lining, providing warmth and softness to the touch.

The sleeping bag has two double-sided zippers that allow to independently open the sleeping bag at the top, bottom or completely take off the top part. It provides a super easy access to the child.
Its great advantage is the drawstring hood that allows free adjustments to easily assure the warmth of the baby’s head. The hood is decorated with a soft, high-quality anti-allergic and eco-friendly faux fur, which can be easily detached.

The Bellochi winter sleeping bag is sutiable for 3- and 5-point seat belt system. This makes it universal to fit almost any stroller on the market. Properly profiled belt cutouts allow for an easy, fast and safe assembly. Always be mindful of the assembly as only through correct connection with the stroller you can provide one hundred percent safety of its use.

Bellochi sleeping bag for the winter is a universal and very comfortable solution for everyday walks and it is extremely soft and cozy. It provides the baby with comfort and pleasant warmth, protects against cold, wind, snow and rain.

The sleeping bag is perfect for ages 0 to 24/36 months and it is suitable for all kinds of strollers and sleds.

  • Weight
    0.75 kg
  • Length
    100 cm
  • Width
    50 cm
  • Skład
    100% poliester
  • Waga z opakowaniem (kg)
  • Wypełnienie
    100% poliester
  • Kolor

Dimensions: about 100x50cm

The outer side of the sleeping bag is the highest quality, waterproof polyester.

The inside – where the baby is placed – is a soft and very pleasant to the touch fur knitwear.

The bag is filled with anti-allergic, fluffy silicone non-woven fabric.

Eco-friendly fur.


Outer and inner fabric: 100% polyester

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