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Protective MAXI mat by Osann for car seats with integrated footrest

Product code: 109-193-400, EAN: 4016428004571

Product description
Experience a new level of comfort for your child with Protective MAXI mat by Osann for car seats with integrated footrest.

The two height adjustment options ensure a perfect fit, providing enhanced comfort during the ride by relieving leg pressure. Say goodbye to numbness in your child's legs, as our thoughtfully designed footrest maximizes the joy of the journey.

The is an essential accessory that provides additional protection and safety during travels with your little one. This practical mat has been specially designed for car seats to safeguard the vehicle's upholstery from dirt, wear, and potential dents.

Key Features:

  1. Universal Fit: The mat is tailored to fit all types of car seats.
  2. Compatible with Isofix Child Seats: Suitable for child seats equipped with the Isofix system, providing added stability.
  3. Integrated footrest
  4. Two height adjustment options for the footrest
  5. Enhanced comfort during the ride by relieving leg pressure
  6. Prevents numbness in the child's legs
  7. Extra Protection: By shielding the car seat upholstery from stains, dirt, and damage, the mat prolongs the durability and aesthetic appeal of the vehicle's interior.
  8. Waterproof Layer: Constructed with waterproof materials, the mat facilitates easy cleaning and prevents liquid leakage onto the upholstery.
  9. Easy to Clean: The mat is easy to clean – a damp cloth is all you need to remove any stains.
  10. Non-Slip Material: The special non-slip material on the bottom of the mat prevents it from shifting during travel, ensuring additional stability.
  11. High-Quality Materials: The mat is crafted from durable and safe materials, meeting safety standards.
  12. Includes Practical Compartments: Additional compartments make it easy to keep the car tidy.

The Protective Maxi Mat by Osann for Car Seats is a practical and aesthetic solution, making it easier to maintain order in the car and protecting the upholstery from any surprises that may occur during travels with a child.

  • Seat Dimensions: Width 45 cm x Depth 42 cm

  • Overall Dimensions: 117 cm x 45 cm x 1 cm (MAXI)

  • Footrest dimensions: width 29 x depth 20 cm
The seat dimensions of 45 x 42 cm and the footrest dimensions of 29 x 20 cm offer a perfect balance of support and relaxation for your little one.

  • Weight
    1.35 kg
  • Length
    117 cm
  • Width
    45 cm
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