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Osann Junior Pixel Black i-Size z pasem Gurtfix

Product code: ec104-280-271, EAN: 4016428012743

Product description

Discover the reliable car seat base, Osann Junior Isofix i-Size with Gurtfix belt - Nero, offering exceptional flexibility in installation while meeting the highest safety standards. This car seat base can be securely attached using either the Isofix system or the 3-point car belt. The Isofix system ensures a quick and proper installation, with the added advantage that the retractable Isofix connectors can be individually adjusted to fit your specific car model.

The seat can be used from a child's height of 126 cm up to 150 cm.

Product Details:

  • Large anatomically profiled seat for additional comfort.
  • Comfortable armrests.
  • Proper belt guidance through the belt guide.
  • Removable upholstery, easy to wash at 30 degrees.
  • Integrated Gurtfix: controls the course of the diagonal belt.
  • Hybrid Isofix solution: the seat can be installed with or without Isofix. The Isofix connectors can be simply stowed away when not in use.
  • The base complies with the European i-Size safety standard for car seats.
  • The seat is designed for children with a height ranging from 126 cm to 150 cm.
  • For increased safety, our car seat is compliant with the latest standard for child car seats, ECE R129 (i-Size).
Hybrid Mounting Type:
  • The seat can be mounted facing forward using either the Isofix system or car belts. Depending on the type of installation, the Isofix connectors can be easily stowed or extended.
  • Gurtfix ensures optimal belt guidance, allowing for individual adjustment to the child's height and preventing the shoulder belt from cutting into the child's neck.
Adjustable Isofix Connectors:
  • The Isofix connectors have adjustable lengths, enabling easy and individual adjustment of the seat to your specific car model.

Weight: 3.3 kg

External dimensions: Width 44 cm x Height 25 cm x Length 38 cm

Seat dimensions: Width 34 cm x Depth 34 cm

  • Weight
    3.3 kg
  • Length
    38 cm
  • Width
    44 cm
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