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Okiday kids car foot rest for car seat, booster seats, travel accessory premium black

Product code: CAR-OKI-0-BLA-1, EAN: 5904917921937

Product description

Okiday kids car foot rest for car seat, booster seats, travel accessory premium black

  • Great and sense and simplicity innovation – OKIDAY footrest – which is a complementary device to car seats. Can be used in any vehicle.
  • for children aged 4 to 12
  • Easy way to increase travel comfort and safety for your children – feet traps improve the safety and comfort of the child and co-passengers.
  • Supports the child’s legs and eliminates the negative effects of travel (reduce the pressure on the veins and arteries, and the child’s legs no longer go numb).
  • Ensures the correct and ergonomic sitting position of the child in the seat. Children can also stand on the footrest to get comfortable in the seat (strength > 50 kg)
  • Easy to install – increases the comfort of the child’s travel in the car seat (it can even be mounted to a car seat with a base and a supporting leg)
  • Also you can easily attach the footrest and the seat to the ISOFIX points (collision-free footrest mounting system).
  • stable and very durable, attached to ISOFIX points and to the floor with a strong Velcro
  • easy to use, fully assembled, has a flexible top plate that adapts to any armchair and sofa
  • smooth height adjustment of the footrests – designed with children in mind, so they can use the footrest on their own
  • natural support when getting in or out of the car.
  • Producer provide a 5-year warranty for the product.

OKIDAY footrest is a really innovative solution. It has very positive impact in such areas as:

  • health of the child (taking care of the correct posture while driving)
  • reducing the effects of road accidents (minimizing injuries to children)
  • reducing the risk of a road accident (the driver’s focus is mainly on the road, not on what is happening in the vehicle)
  • family peace (improving the quality of relationships while traveling)
  • ecology (less stress, calmer driving, lower fuel consumption)
  • reduction of vehicle operating costs (resulting from calmer driving)
  • residual value of vehicles (less damage, higher value of the vehicle)
  • safety of transported loads (additional safe space behind the driver’s and passenger’s seat)


The child maintains the correct sitting posture while driving, which is very important in the event of an accident. When the child is not sitting correctly in the seat, the belts have no chance to work properly.

A restless child distracts the driver and makes him nervous. A child who is uncomfortable often kicks the driver’s seat or other elements of the vehicle, causing their destruction, and the driver, turning back, loses sight of what is happening on the road, which is very dangerous. OKIDAY footrests minimize the risk of accidents. In addition, a calm child does not damage the interior of the vehicle, which has a positive effect on its residual value.

A child traveling in comfortable conditions is a calm and smiling child. Thanks to the footrests, the child is able to cover much longer distances (which is mainly important to parents), and the whole journey is much more pleasant for everyone. The driver drives calmly, generating less pollution, which generates real savings for car owners and the environment.

Technical parameters:

1. The width of the footrest (45 cm) has been selected so that a child aged 4 – 12 years can rest their feet stably on it.

2. There is a gap between the foot rests where the child can lower leg to move it at any time.

3. The range of adjustment (20 cm) of the height of the supports corresponds to the needs of a growing child aged 4 – 12 years

4. The top plate that allows the footrest to be attached to the ISOFIX anchorage points is flexible, so it adapts easily to the geometry of the cushion on which the seat is placed.

5. The weight of the footrest (2.8 kg) is due to the fact that the load-bearing structure of the footrest needs to be strong enough for a child to stand on it, and to last for 5 years of use.

6. The footrest can be installed in any car, van or bus.


height: max 42 cm

width: 45 cm

depth: 5 cm

Good to know:

The safety of OKIDAY products is a priority. So OKIDAY as one of the few manufacturers of anti-sweat inserts for car seats, has a certificate from the National Institute of Public Health PZH and a certificate of flammability issued by Lukasiewicz - Lodz Institute of Technology! The inserts also have positive results of TÜV and CARTEST dynamic tests.

  • Weight
    2.8 kg
  • Length
    5 cm
  • Width
    45 cm
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