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Okiday car seat head rest, head support, anti-shock headrest, travel accessory

Product code: 5904917921968, EAN: 5904917921968

Product description

Soft anti-sweat inserts for children’s car seats increase the comfort of the child’s journey in the seat.

They are suitable for children aged 4 to 12 years.

The headrest inserts fit any car seat, regardless of the shape of the headrest. The place of sticking the inserts can be adjusted so that the child is most comfortable.

The inserts absorb the shocks of the child’s head, especially during sleep. The headrest of the seat with inserts will be soft and pleasant to the touch, just like your child’s pillow.

The porosity of the foam and the air bellows force the air to circulate inside, thanks to which the child’s skin sweats less even on hot days.

This inserts are made of foam with a specially selected density to ensure the ergonomic sitting position of the child in the seat.

We recommend that the seat also includes seat and backrest inserts, thanks to which your child will travel pleasantly on a soft seat. Producer provides a 5-year warranty on the product.

OKIDAY soft inserts have special ventilation holes.

Each hole acts as an air bellows that forces air movement inside the seat making the child's skin constantly ventilated. In addition, the foams have a passive effect, due to the fact that they provide more "air" between the seat back and, for example, the child's back. The air bellows and extra space make the baby's skin sweat less and make it more comfortable, even on hot days.

Headrest dimensions in 3 elements: 13x12 and 13x14 and 13x12 cm

Good to know:

The safety of OKIDAY products is a priority. So OKIDAY as one of the few manufacturers of anti-sweat inserts for car seats, has a certificate from the National Institute of Public Health PZH and a certificate of flammability issued by Lukasiewicz - Lodz Institute of Technology! The inserts also have positive results of TÜV and CARTEST dynamic tests.

  • Weight
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Headrest dimensions in 3 elements: 13×12 and 13×14 and 13×12 cm

– headrest, center insert: 19 mm
– headrest, side inserts: 12 mm



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