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Moses basket Sheets Unix 40×90 cm

Product code: SHE-3X9-1-UNI-1, EAN: 5904024521976

Product description

Universal sheet fitted crib sheet for oval, hourglass and rectangular mattress.

It adapts to each and every mattress shape thanks to its elastic edge all around the sheet.

This extremely soft mattress cover from Bellochi ensures the best lying climate in the carrycot.

It is made from 100% cotton, absorbs moisture and regulates the temperature.

Your child will feel comfortable with it.

Each Luxurious Baby Pack includes: 3 lovely fitted sheets.

The gender neutral colours beige, gray and white with cute little patterns make these sheets ideal for both boys and girls.

Material: 100% cotton

Size: 90 x 40 cm

Breathable Cot Bed sheets boast natural properties that adapt to the baby's body and outside temperatures, allowing the baby to comfortably sleep through the night, whether your weather is chilly, temperate or hot. It’s 100% skin-irritation and allergen free !

Make the most thoughtful baby shower gift today! Make a new mommy happy!

  • Weight
    0 kg
  • Length
    90 cm
  • Width
    40 cm
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