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Double–sided Head Support Pillow magnolia

Product code: PIL-HS-0-MAG-1, EAN: 5907771368863

Product description

Headrest for infants, babies and toddlers - car safety seat pad caushions.

Infant travel pillow that protects baby’s head from shaking when in a car seat or stroller, bouncy seat or swing.

Bellochi butterfly-shaped anti-shock cushion stabilises, protects against shocks during travel and supports the baby's head.

The special shape of the baby pillow means that it absorbs microshocks and provides comfort during car journeys or when walking on uneven surfaces.

This cushion is double-sided and thanks to the convenient white straps attached to the two upper corners, the cushion can be easily attached to the car seat or pushchair.

Bellochi Butterfly pillow will make any journey more pleasant and comfortable. Your baby will need this cushion in many situations.

This anti-shock pillow is handmade from high quality cotton, safe for your baby's delicate skin.

Recommended for children aged 0-2 years and older. The pillow can be used as long as it fits the baby correctly and comfortably.

Not a safety device, for comfort only.

Never leave your child unattended during use.

Dimensions: 27x35cm

Composition: 100% cotton

Filled with smooth, light weighted and fluffy premium polyester fiber

  • Weight
    0.1 kg
  • Length
    27 cm
  • Width
    35 cm
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