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Blanket, hooded swaddle for infant car seats – SPECIAL choco arcadia

Product code: BAB-SCB-3-ARC-NB, EAN: 5904024524915

Product description

Discover the soft and cozy blanket – special type swaddle for infants, perfect for car seats or carriers – an ideal solution for car travels and strolls. Your little one will surely find comfort and warmth in it.

This swaddle is an incredibly versatile solution from our SPECIAL collection. The belt openings are designed to make threading seatbelt straps through for car seats or strollers a breeze. Simply fasten the Velcro, and you’re ready to go. Moreover, the swaddle’s design has been thoughtfully tested and is perfect for wrapping newborns on their way home from the hospital. In car seats with dedicated inserts for premature or newborn babies, the swaddle guarantees full wrapping, protecting against cold winds. Highly recommended!

Dimensions: 90×90 cm

For children aged 0 – 12 months

For car seats suitable for infants weighing 0 – 13kg

Can be used as a swaddle in a car seat and works wonderfully in a bassinet or stroller.

Functional hood with a drawstring that effectively protects the baby’s head from heat loss.

Convenient and easy-to-use Velcro closure for quick and simple swaddling when it’s cold, and uncovering when it’s warmer. This helps prevent the baby from overheating or sweating.


For the comfort and safety of the child, our swaddle has special LARGE openings for safety belts. Regardless of the height of the belts or whether the car seat has 3-point or 5-point safety belts, the openings are designed for easy and efficient threading of the belts, making the car seat ready for use.

This innovative solution guarantees compatibility with all types of baby car seats. Thus, you can easily thread the belts through the openings and fasten the safety belts appropriately. The belts will securely hold the baby during car rides, leaving no dangerous gaps.


Remember to securely tighten the car seat belts to fit snugly against the child’s body, not against their clothes, jackets, etc.

Our car seat swaddle is made of soft and breathable cotton fabric combined with pleasant velvet. The interior is filled with hypoallergenic siliconized fiber, providing a sense of softness and warmth for the child.

The swaddle is a universal solution for all seasons – suitable for spring, summer, and autumn, and in winter, it serves as a covering inside the car during travels. Your little one will undoubtedly feel comfortable in it, regardless of the place they find themselves.

All Bellochi products are made from high-quality European materials and hand-sewn with utmost attention to detail.

All fabrics used by us (cotton, velvet, and siliconized fiber filling) are certified. The materials are of the highest quality, hypoallergenic, breathable, and non-toxic, meaning they are entirely safe for infants.

  • Weight
    0 kg
  • Length
    90 cm
  • Width
    90 cm
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