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Pink Peony baby shower 6-pc set

Product code: BAB-BNS-0-PPS-1, EAN: 5904024522256

Product description
The cute 6-piece Baby Shower layette set comprises 6 practical accessories essential for the care and well-being of your little one, from the early moments after birth up to 12 months.
The set ensures a safe and comfortable sleep and rest for the baby, also serving as an ideal spot for playtime and daily activities.

The set consist of:
  1. Baby cocoon: 60x100 cm
  2. Mini mattress: 30x70 cm
  3. Blanket: 50x75 cm
  4. Flat baby pillow: 25x30 cm
  5. butterfly pillow: 25x30 cm
  6. multifunctional wrapper


this baby nest from the limited edition of baby pods with a multifunctional wrapper, which will serve in many situations:

  • when the wrapper is placed on the lower part of this baby nest, where the baby cocoon is fastened with a buckle - it serves a protective and decorative function
  • when placed on the forearm - it will serve as a feeding pillow of the sleeve type - ideal for cuddling, carrying, feeding and putting the baby to sleep.
  • when unfolded flat - will serve as a cushion, as a mat or pad - useful in various places, will also work well in the stroller, car or cradle.

Bellochi baby nest set is very practical and multifunctional. You can use it in many ways, such listed below:

  • On a daily basis, it can be a safe space for sleep, mini-playpen or a play mat for your little one

  • It can serve as a safe sleeping space, mini playpen, or play mat for the little one on a daily basis.

  • During nap times, it can act as a barrier against rolling when the child falls asleep on the couch or adult bed.

  • In the crib, it protects the child from hitting against the hard rails.

  • In the stroller, it functions as an additional mattress, wrapping the newborn and cushioning shocks during walks.
  • It also comes in handy during tummy time and head lifting practice.

  • It can also be used as a changing pad anywhere.

  • Bellochi newborn baby cocoon provides a safe space for the baby - it has another advantage - in this baby nest your baby can freely position their legs, which is very important for the proper development of the hip joints (especially with the recommendation of "wide diapering").

The entire set is handmade from two types of materials, gentle on the baby's delicate skin. On one side, there's luxuriously soft velvet, and on the other, delicate and soft cotton in charming patterns. The bottom part of the cocoon is extended with a wraparound. After fastening the clasp that secures the cocoon's degree of wrapping, you can easily add a decorative wrap to this cocoon element.

This layette set is designed for infants from the first days up to around 7-10 months of age. It serves as the perfect place for sleeping, resting, cuddling, playing, and all other daily activities. The set is versatile and practical, suitable for use at home, during travel, in a hotel, or when visiting friends. It is highly functional and adapts to various situations.

This minimalist set with classic design is a perfect gift idea for an expectant mother for a baby shower or the baby's arrival.


A baby nest cannot be used as a baby carrier, so for safety reasons- it is not allowed to carry a baby in it. It should only be used under the supervision of an adult.

Never leave you baby unattended. The cocoon does not protect against falling and is not recommended for an overnight rest.

Safety first.

In accordance with the latest guidelines of the European Union and considering new standards and ongoing work on further standards regarding the safety of childcare or protection products, safety and compliance of products are our priority. Bellochi baby nests and other products do not contain any hazardous elements or strings that could pose a threat to the safety of the child. Our priority is the well-being and safety of the youngest ones. Clear and concise information, as well as instructions and guidelines for users, are provided. We are here to offer advice and support you. We are open to any feedback, comments, and suggestions from our customers and consumers.

Thank you for being with us.

  • Weight
    1.4 kg
  • Length
    100 cm
  • Width
    60 cm
  • Kolekcja
    Pink Peony
  • EAN
  • Collection
    pink peony
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