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Baby nest appalachian

Product code: BAB-BN-0-APA-1, EAN: 5904024521150

Product description

An unique, double-sided Appalachian baby nest will provide your baby with comfort, a safe space and a pleasant wrap from the neonatal stage. Our nest will serve your baby for a long time, thanks to the possibility of strings’ length adjustment. After you untie them, the baby nest gets bigger, which allows us to get more space when the baby grows. If we pull the strings tightly and tie them up, the baby nest will get smaller.
The special stoppers will prevent strings from loosening. Once you tie up the baby nest, you can put a decorative wrapper on it which has an additional protective function against an event of tangling up in the strings.
Made of 100% certified cotton, safe for baby’s sensitive skin.

Delicate and soft cotton with the original Bellochi design in charming gray patterns has been combined with lovely Indian dreamcatcher motifs in soft gray tones with a bit of orange. It creates a beautiful and extremely childish, joyful pattern with a hint of adventure. Ahoy!

Start your adventure on the western trail!

  • Weight
    0.9 kg
  • Length
    90 cm
  • Width
    60 cm
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