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Arm nursing pillowsecret forest

Product code: PIL-AP-0-SEC-1-1, EAN: 5903714406685

Product description

Super charming Secret forest arm nursing pillow also known as feeding sleeve. Very comfortable pillow which you can placed on the forearm, which facilitates comfortable feeding your baby with a bottle or breast. Also might be very helpful when mum or dad put the baby to sleep in their arms. It is irreplaceable at home, on a walk, shopping and traveling. It has a small size, very handy, so it can be easily packed into a bag. Arm pillow is filled with an elastic silicone ball with anti-allergic properties. Thanks to this, it is soft, adapts to the child's head and prevents it from deforming. The pillow will also take care of the parent's comfort, as it reduces pressure on the forearm.

Moreover, during pregnancy you can use it as a support for pregnancy belly when lying on tummy. It can also be placed between the thighs to reduce the pain of the symphysis pubis. Our pillow is 100% handmade of high-quality cotton, safe for the delicate baby's skin.  A sleeve-type pillow will perfectly match every newborn baby's layette.

  • Weight
    0.12 kg
  • Length
    24 cm
  • Width
    18 cm
  • Kolekcja
    secret forest
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    secret forest
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